Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How I Plan On Learning French

Where I Stand Today (And where I want to be…)

My French learning till date has been pretty much erratic..all in bits and pieces.  I started learning French in school for 2 years... Then after a gap of almost 10 yrs I decided to pick up from where I left off to continue the learning process..

Where I Stand Today
I initially started leaning by myself through the About French for Beginners E-Course mailers  and YouTube videos (there are plenty out there, but what I liked the most was YouLearnFrench  . This was so that I could recollect whatever I had learnt all those years back. I then took the DELF A1 exam and hope to get my certification by this Feb.

All this while along with AF classes, I was on the look-out for some interesting courses online. And I must say I've found a few good ones! Here are a few courses I have been doing parallel to my classes
This is an interesting course to also get familiar with French culture and everyday life in France
2. Carnegie-Mellon Open Learning Initiative - Elementary French l
This is a course divided into various lessons of around 50-100 pages. It has a lot of listening and writing practice. At the end of each lesson there are a few pages about French culture.
3. Livemocha - I used to love Livemocha and used to do a new lesson every day...that was before they changed to the new format. The new format might have more information but I cant seem to find a structure to all the material. So I've dropped it as a regular activity and instead check it out occasionally for any further updates.
4. Radio channel for beginners -
5. Duolingo  It has just been a week since I have started using it. It is an app available on Android as well as the PC. It seems to be more of a game..but I am picking up quite a bit from it.
Where I Want to Be
This has been a long-term goal of mine..and it is surely not something that can be achieved in a short time even if you put all the extra effort. It just takes time and practice and a complete exposure to all thing French.
A few things I would like to be are
  • Able to think in French - instead of currently thinking in English and converting to French
  • Able to understand normal communications - I would like to be able to read books, listen to the radio and watch movies in French without any aid.
  • To have better fluency and improve my pronunciation
  • DELF B1/B2 certified - The B1 I suppose should take around 3 yrs and B2 around 5 yrs
  • To be able to teach French in schools/offices or beginners courses in AF
The Way Forward
The main thing which will help me in my goals is a complete French immersion. Something like listening to French radio which I have begun now. Even if I don't understand most of it, it will at least familiarise me with the accent and pronunciation.
Some thing which I feel will help me are ( will keep adding to this list)
  • Songs
  • Radio - already started
  • Resources/Open courses from various sources - right now I'm following BBC's Ma France & CM's French 1 (I've listed more details above). I also have Texas Univ course in the pipeline.
  • Pinterest French folder
  • Youtube tutorial videos...plenty available
  • Movies

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Monthly Goals for Jan'14

I will be breaking down my yearly goals for tracking them easily. Here are the ones I want to do in Jan.

Career Improvement
Complete 3 phases of Six Sigma
Complete 3 chapters from French course @
Complete 4 Duolingo levels

Home Making
Try 2 new recipes
Pack 5 lunches
Declutter 30 items

Write in gratitude journal everyday
Do 500 Squats & 800 Crunches
Run 4 kms
Walk 30kms

Connect with atleast 1 far away friend
Meet a friend over lunch or tea

Track investments  -  already done on the 1st

Read anything which interests me (SEO, Social Media Marketing, VA, Photography)

Goals for 2014!!

Here are my goals for 2014!

Career Improvement
Learn French till  A2 level
Get Six Sigma GB Certified

Home Making
Pack 110 lunches
Try 30 new recipes

Exercise - Squats 7000 (130/week), Run 52 kms, Walk 365 kms, Crunches 10000 (180/week),Plank(1min)
Build a capsule wardrobe

Connect with ppl 1/month (old & new)
Call relative & friends for bdays

Close 75% on home payments
Track investments monthly