Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Day 1 : 31 days of Healthier Habits to Fight PCOS

I've had many thoughts about linking up for the 31 day series as what I wanted to be doing was - developing healthier habits to fight PCOS - and just the effort of blogging for 31 days was causing me more of stress instead of just focusing on the main point...HEALTH!

So I'll just be writing out my plan for the day and checking it off as Yay or Nay..
The main areas I will be working on are fitness, meals, drinking water, sleep schedule & a little bit listening to some calming music or a fun activity for a holistic approach.

Here is an overview of how I am aiming to be healthy this month.

Day 1  - Right Over Here
Day 2 - Sleep & Water  and Warm-ups and Yoga Breathing Exercises
Day 3 - Yoga for Back and Neck Pain
Day 4 - Yoga poses for PCOS and Hair and Skin Care tips - I
Day 5 - Breakfast Ideas and Weekly Goals & Menu Plan
Day 6 - Warm-up + Cardio (elliptical & treadmill)
Day 7 - Warm-up, Yoga & Cardio
Day 8 - Warm Up + Cardio (elliptical + treadmill)
Day 9 - Breathing exercises + Cardio (running)
Day 10 - Warm Up + Cardio (elliptical + treadmill)

Stay tuned for my Goals of the month!