Monday, 6 October 2014

Day 6 : Warm Up + Cardio (elliptical + treadmill)

Today is Day 6 of the challenge to stay healthy this month. For me this mainly means following my fitness routine - which compared to my diet is something I fall short on.
Well NOT this time!

Today's healthy living plan:

I am trying to find a treadmill + elliptical Workout plan which isn't too complicated to remember, so in the mean time I am aiming for a 1:2:1  - T:E:T ratio on the treadmill & elliptical.

Today's update
Bed time yesterday-12.10am    Wake up time -7.15am  =   Sleep time - 7hrs 5min
Water - 7
Workout - Elliptical - 20min    I didn't get a chance to use the treadmill, so worked-out only on the elliptical